First Board!

Construction for this room was 2 months! 

It was under big constriction (contractors obviously, we didn't do that part ourselves so it could be professionally done) this used to be one whole room! it got sectioned it off to include the window! 

The rest we did: We wanted this as soundproofed as possible, so we used the material people use for lining automobiles! This worked so well!! The only sound we need to take care of is the sound going through the window and door! We plan to use plexiglass for both, creating an extra layer of soundproof! This may seem plain but trust me, were going to make it look really cool and creative! 

Pro's and Cons

This was such an inexpensive project considering we did this ourselves! The material came out to $100 but it was huge... huge roll! this is enough material to soundproof other areas we plan to use! The boards themselves were about $20 per box, and covers 20 SqFt per box. So pretty much this was $160 to do both sides! the only real con was that it was time consuming to get the outlets cut out, however- thats pretty worth it, because that was all it was! Once we got the hang of screwing the boards in first, then nailing into the wall it was a quick process. This only took 2 days!  


we have big plans for the rest of the rooms! This is such a creative space, so were going to make it look entirely different with a twisted style. The only thing we need to do is buy a new blade because it did make some jagged cuts- HOWEVER!! The jagged cuts actually gave it a natural look and was perfect against the rest of the wood. So it came out well either way!

Final results?

Footage and photos of the studio furnished with information of the equipment we use are patreons only-

IF you simply follow my patreon then you've seen some regular updates on progress!


However, I will post a video on my channel showing some of the footage i was able to get during this project!


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