Soundproofing! -


Construction is going well so far!! we needed soundproofing for this room, but we didn't want a dark ceiling. So we build sound proofing pads from scratch! it's inexpensive (than if you were buying them already made)! 

Heavy lifting

attaching them to the wall was really the only hard part. it's easier if you have more than two people and have more than one ladder. however, once it's up there- it looks great! make sure that you are always centered when you put these up. you do NOT want to redo this step. for us, we only needed 3 panels made. 

have a drink!

so much movement! we moved the bar to this corner instead for several reasons. 

#1. as nice as it looked, we didn't want the bar to be the focal point of the room

#2. it's not in the way, and makes the room look more cozy

#3. it's closer to a water line so in the future we can add a sink- which would be ideal for the bartender 


beautiful color

This is hands down my favorite color paint. "Copper kiss" is a fantastic color to put on your walls when you want a different take on gold. Now, there were a couple of issues at first. This paint is very thin, so it takes 3 - 4 coats to get it to a proper dark copper. It is vey light at first, but when it dries it dries into a mesmerizing copper/gold metallic look! Perfect for the theme we are going for! 


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