I am the founder of My STYLE MY SMILe blog

Clothing needs to make you feel good about yourself. If you're wearing something and feel unattractive- then decide to change because "someone like you can't pull that off" you need a boost. as a person you can wear whatever you want. it only looks good if you carry yourself with the confidence you deserve. here i give tips on how you can do that! 


I also have a clothing line for all the creative people out there! i notice not enough brands focus on the creative side- so here i create shirts and accessories that you as a creator/artist can relate too!

I feature a lot of companies, websites and more.


DISCLAIMER: I am not partnered with any of these people unless I say I am in the description!! 


 Try Something Lose and  Tighten It Up!

If you have loose dress that makes you feel bigger than what you are- don't throw it out! Tighten it up with a fitting petite coat of some kind! Mine is Harry Potter themed on the inside! This dress its bulky, and makes me feel like much older than I seem. So I toned it down with a jacket that has a tailcoat. Solid color on the outside, pattern on the inside to give me more depth when I walk. This brings back my curves but the pattern of the dress gives me a light spring splash of color!!


The Bolder The Better

Natural Make-up is the best way to compliment bold colors during summer time. Prefer little black in your bright day? Throw in neutral brown accessary to make it bolder!  


Blonde Ends Are The  Trend

Going to the beach you see traditional colors like black & white, blue and maybe the occasional green. Throw in some real colors to stand out fro the ocean. A beautiful orange, yellow or hot pink can bring out the brightest of smiles! 

Don't be afraid of a bikini. 

Blonde ends are in!! It gives your dark hair a touch of color, and is perfect for the summer. 

Flowers & Patterns

A Little Frill Makes a Thrill

 Tell  Dont be afraid of  pattern! Spring and Summer are the best times for patterned looks! Flowers against flowers? Don't worry about it! You'll bring texture to any solicolors!  

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