Information on Commissions

Hair & Makeup - $30

Printed Photos: $25

Shoots take place at my studio. 


 You get 15-20 edited photos. Estimated digital photos are on the website to download with in 4 days. You will be emailed a link to your page. 

In person pickup through flash drive which is a $3 fee. 

I only accept payments through PayPal, Cash or Zelle. 

Commissions are OPEN:


Acting? Headshots and full body shots are typically asked of you! 


Pure Creative

Let me show you how amazing your photos can really be! Abstract, Creative, themed photos all ideas are done by me including make-up!

Starting at $500


If you want photos of the more creative and abstract photos I do- or have your own idea of how it will look, feel free to email me your idea! 

Starting at $400


Family events or portraits are always important! Lets catch the moment that they will look back on for generations! 

Starting at $150

Off Location

Maybe theres a park, or somewhere you wish to have your photos taken! Or you have a wedding or event that is out of town and want private photos. I'm open to fly and travel wherever needed! 

Starting at $200

BTS Photos

Are you an artist of any form trying to show what they do behind the scenes? 

I can be there during your shows, the process all of it! 

Starting price: $25 per hr, $600 per day

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