A LITTLE TRIP! January Week 1

Spontaneous Trips!

The first random trip of the year started with Orlando, Florida! This is where I lived for a few years to finish film school. I came back to see some friends and enjoy the beautiful weather FL has to offer- BUT I WAS DENIED!

The weather was humid and I've never felt my face as OLILY as it was in my entire life. GA has very dry air, it hasn't been humid in months! So my skin didn't know how to react to the sudden change in the air. I also became very cold at night which only made things worse...

That being said, I'm so happy I went! Though some of my friends were busy, I was able to at least see a few of my buddies! It's always nice to reconnect with people in person rather than through social media. It's different to speak to someone face to face and really listen and enjoy each others company.

FL has better boba tea places than GA too!

1. I can't find a place in GA that has ROSE MILK TEA.

2. Quickly is something we may have in GA, but this one always has fresh wonderful ingredients!

3. Boba tea can be expensive, and though I've found cheaper, this is still the best.

4. If I could I would replace every Sweet Hut with a Quickly... (personal opinion)

Everywhere I go has a specific view. GA has beautiful skies and our trees give off a specific look when the sun is at a certain point. However, Florida has stunning reflections. Orlando doesn't have a big abundance of tree's like other places, however Orlando does take care of the public parks. I find there is a lack of trash so I can take landscape photos like this and not have to worry about catching garbage.

I have never been to a botanical gardens in FL, but they did have a park of roses! I didn't take many photos, but this one is my favorite. My friend went around smelling each rose that has a different color. I was surprised to hear that each rose had a very specific scent. The deeper reds and pink shades had a sweet smell. The orange and white ones had a spicer scent. (This may be out of order, I would have to ask her)

I find it so interesting what nature can do. Everything is different in sight and smell!


I wanted a space were I could make my drinks properly while having room to film! At first this was filled with all of my camera and laptop accessories. I decided to change this section of my room because its next to my D.I.Y station! I can wake in the morning, pour a cup of caffeine and get right to work without excuses! I emptied out the shelves and wiped them down so I wouldn't have to dust all the time. I also washed all my china and made it so I could have them ready to use for guests! I had way more plates than I originally thought so I'm working on a possible tea party!


I've been working hard to make different versions of logos/backgrounds for this section! This is different from Mini Video Tuesdays. Drop of Life has a written blog and one video about my life. I document of a lot of my life through out as I go about my day to day business. I do a lot of cinematic looks for the videos, focusing more of my filming style than talking through the videos. Talking isn't really my style but I hope you do enjoy my style of doing things! I still have written version if it's about things that happened behind the camera!

I have two versions! Please comment which one you prefer more!




The End!