It's been a while since I've posted a blog! The reason why is I've been working on commissions! Here is what I've been up to!


Believe it or not, this particular photoshoot was inspirited by E-girl make-up style! I focused the blush underneath the eyes and little on the bridge of the nose! This look consisted of a brown wing liner and grey brow color for a softer look. We did baby blue, pinks and a white choker to lighten up the black! A dark color is okay with a pastel look as long as you compliment it with a light skirt! Pastels are beautiful for February and not just because of Valentine's Day!

February can have a light atmosphere about it so wearing lighter colors can brighten the smile you give!

A natural spring fashion even when the weather isn't great, can keep you looking refreshed and elegant!

Have a tea party with your favorite plush, there is nothing wrong with having fun!


Let's get started! First: Make a silly face!

So, I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could experiment with; colors, poses and props. This ended up being very stressful and fun at the same time!

Anxiety comes with art, something I tend to do is get too hung up on if the client will enjoy them and I end up questioning my work. However, I wanted to work on my confidence and see just how far I could push myself with risky shots like this.

My Process Summary:

I worked on make-up sketches before I did the makeup on the model. After 2 hours of sketching, I had the composition of how I wanted the photos to look. I spent time photoshopping possible color pallets that would compliment the models skin tone, eye color and more. I found dress that I wanted the color palette to be, then I got a couple of props to match! I thought of a color that would compliment the whole look, so I grabbed a red wig. After having the model try on the wig, I decided it was perfect for this palette. Now the execution phase...

This was hard in itself because the look was very bold and when you've done natural looks on a model for a long time, you aren't sure if they like it, bold is very experimental and takes a lot of practice to compliment the persons features without overpowering their natural beauty.

I wanted to enhance the eye color she had so I used colors that would compliment around the eye. I went for a slight Egyptian style in the inner corners of the eye.

There was more I wanted to do with this look like using body paint for a design as well.

However, I was also timing myself and knew I couldn't start that in a fast manor so I cut that idea out.

Sneak Peak Photos:

These looks were some of my favorites and I'm glad this person chose me to commission them!

They were very happy with the results of all the photos!

(If you want to see the other photos they will be uploaded on my Instagram! Follow me on there for the reveals!)

Now that some of my commissions are done I'm going to focus back on my blog. Self Care Fridays will start soon, DIY Wednesday will be coming back soon as well! As far as Sunday Tea, I recently got a whole box of new tea so I'm excited to experiment with those flavors as well. However Sunday Tea will likely have a different look to it.

Sorry it's been a while, but I hope you enjoyed todays blog!

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