So, I ended up throwing myself out there. I got outside my comfort zone and pushed myself to do a small photo event! I ended up getting a nice place to set up-however I didn't have time to advertise like I should have. I printed out a bunch of flyers and gave them out. I put them in stores, stood for a while outside a mall to give flyers out and I posted to some media groups. HOW DID THAT GO? Well, no one showed up.

I was pretty discouraged, because it's easy to feel that way when you push the anxiety back and it catches up to you when the worst happens.

What now? Am I going to give up? Pfft, well of course not! Who do you think I am? I simply had a set back but you always can learn from your failures!! I know next time, I need at least 2 - 3 months in advertising in advance. I have to get a banner so when people pass by they can see what I'm doing. Setting up wasn't a waist either! I know what type of equipment I need to bring, how fast I can set up and trouble shoot everything. There is a bright side and advantage to everything, you just have to look for it!

What other hard decisions did I make? I decided to stop doing volunteer shoots. I have confidence in my abilities as a photographer to make great final products! I used to have people to volunteer themselves to be my models for photos. I figured this was the time push my work to the next level! I finished a goal which was to have a complete portfolio of my photography and make-up skills! Now that I have that portfolio done, I have examples to show people what I can do! The new year is starting soon and I actually feel like I'm ready! Taking the time to build a portfolio is important, however don't spend too much time with just that! Have enough confidence in yourself to take a leap of faith and just push your work!


I have been trying my best to make the new year go as smoothly as possible. First off; my diet. I'm starting to cut back on certain things now before the year actually starts. I find this puts a lot of pressure off of suddenly cutting everything out at one time. I find that when you start ahead of time, you actually stick to it a lot longer!

I'm cutting out a lot of sugar, especially in my tea! I also have decided I'm not cutting out ALL meat but I eat 90% veggies... so it doesn't matter. I've also rearranged my room and have been working on my creative spaces. Once these are organized it'll give me motivation to actually work in the sections for a good amount of time during the day! I try to do creative things wether it's a hobby or work.

When I do projects like this it helps keep me away from youtube, social media and my laptop. Creative space should always be somewhere where you are away or can turn off distractions. My creative space is actually split up into different sections of my house. Though some of these are in my room, I make sure it's a place facing a wall of art or where I can turn off a TV.

D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Table:

Face masks

Hair masks




Production Room, Green Room and Editing Studio:

This is where I do a lot of my actual work. I shoot films, promotional content and more in the production room. I also edit videos, photos and even record/stream some of the gaming content I create in my pass time. The green room is still a huge work in progress, however it is coming along nicely! I have a plan for the wardrobe section, and soon I will build a desk and vanity mirror myself! That will be a DIY video hopefully done in the next few months!

The Bookshelf:

I enjoy having an area to just sit quietly and read a book or manga. I have a bookshelf with all my favorites! It's not organized like it used to be, however I plan to make some changes with this soon! I like to take the time to separate myself from the world thats in front of me. I feel it helps to exercise my imagination and entertain me at the same time. I tend to read manga, supernatural, mystery and non-fiction genres. Of course, I said I try to keep my creative spaces away from my bed and TV but I love reading books there. I hope to create a chair or floor pillow so I don't have to sit on the bed. Since I plan to make these, feel free to suggest filling for the cases I make!


This is a sudden idea I had: replace my shelving of unneeded things with tea and coffee! I drink tea everyday, and I enjoy a good cup of coffee from time to time as well. I recently got a beautiful tea set from my mother and I want a place to put it thats not in a dark container. I also found my coffee maker as well and put it in my room. One birthday my friend gave me an absolutely beautiful tea pot that has been covered on my bookshelf from lack of room. Now that I have more storage in my room it is beginning to look more open and clean.

However, there is this one section of... not really junk but stuff that just doesn't need to be in my room. Some things need to go in my studio, office or just in a better spot not so crammed on my shelving. So, I decided why not make this my actual tea area? Why go downstairs when I can have everything I need right here? GENIUS!

I'm still working on this particular area, but I do plan to make it look awesome!

This was a simple blog post due to just how much I've been doing through out the year. There are some things I can't reveal yet! However, I will be updating my goals page for 2020! The Goals page was actually made a year ago- AND I DIDN'T REALIZE I DID SO MUCH!

The Goals page will be updated after Christmas Day!

Stay tuned for more!

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