Plants are rough... (Mini Video Tuesdays)

In this video you will see the first time I got my plants! You can tell I was excited to get the supplies to take care of them, they are lush and green. Lavender, Mint and Peppermint is what I have in this container. Little did I know the two favorite flavors of my life would be a nightmare to care for.

I was doing extremely well when I first had these plants. I learned as I went and found out I had to water the mint plants atleast once every other day. As for the lavender it can go a once a week of watering, it doesn't need much at all. I planted these during the summer/fall I think. GA has very bipolar weather so this didn't make this task easy. I knew mint usually looks like it is dying when it becomes close to winter. However, mint usually will pop back up even stronger and taller when spring comes around. I was already having problems with the mint plants early because of the bipolar weather, it becomes hot and humid one day but below freezing the next day. The plants struggled to figure out what to do and honestly... I think they gave up.

As far as my lavender it is still going strong! I can tell the weather is making it struggle but it is doing very well.

So far my basil and rosemary someone have me fell victim to these terrible temperature changes. GUESS WHAT THOUGH!


If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you know that my mother and I have a green house. Certain plants do well there, others do not. We don't have a heat lamp yet but it is very insulated for the cold!

I didn't move my plants into the green house because they adapted to the weather inside the house and I knew I would kill them immediately if I put them in a different environment so suddenly. Now that I know the plants are getting to that point for spring where they will try to revive themselves, I can put them in a better set up.

Another huge issue I had with these plants being near my room... were the BUGS.

Little nat flies everywhere buried in the soil. They thrived from the mint and it was driving me nuts. I know when spring and summer hits they will go crazy. I decided to let this month and February be the time to make my move. I will move these plants to the greenhouse. There I will change out the soil to a fresher version and replant them into DIFFERENT pots. If my mint plants don't survive I will not get discouraged! I will simply try again, but learn from my mistakes.

Somethings I noted that I think will make my plants better in the next run:

  • Do not use fertilizer for the mint plants.

  • Use herb soil for mint plants only

  • Do not put mint and peppermint near each other

  • Put lavender in a large pot by itself

  • Use flower soil for lavender only

  • Use plant safe Bug repellents before Fall

  • NEVER skip watering days

  • If hints of flies, change out soil again

  • Lavender: Water once a week

  • Mint & Peppermint: Water every other day

  • Basil: Water once every day

  • Rosemary: Water Twice every other day

  • Mint Plants: Deep Pot

  • Lavender: Deep WIDE Pot

I hope these possibly help you if you ever decide to make a mini garden like I did! Just never try to do it if you know you're very busy. It can go from a relaxing experience to stressful in a matter of weeks. I feel good because I've had my plants for a few months now. This was my first mini garden and I feel I did very well. I'm going to try again soon and hopefully this time I've learned enough in this experience to push for a better one next time! If you want an actual long video of me talking through how I started, how the plants look now and updates on how they are doing in the green house please give the blog post, and video a like!

Any requests feel free to comment them below.

Also if you have any advice to give me it is greatly appreciated!

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