DULL DRY SKIN! Post Sick Mask #1



  • Oats

  • Organic Honey

I haven't been this sick in a few years. I had to take a lot of medicine. So my skin has been dull and extremely dry. I had to leave the house, so I wanted to look a little more lively.

Take a tablespoon of oats and grind them to a fine powder! This usually takes 10 minutes. You want the oats to be less of a scrub and more of a porridge. Your skin needs more gentle care than harsh scrubbing at the moment.

Once this is done you take a container of your preference and add a bit water. Make sure your water doesn't have bacteria, you want it to be clean. I usually use coconut water, or cucumber water. Give your oats time to make oat milk, I let mine sit for about 2-3 minutes.

Next you add a bit of honey. This is something you can eyeball, because it depend softly the thickness and consistency you want your mask. I wanted this really runny and quick because I wanted to put this on for 3 minutes so I can leave the house. This was a get up and go kind of mask for me. Once it was on my face I knew it wouldn't run down my cheeks or anything because the oats are actually good at sticking the skin with the honey. I used about 2 drops of honey. For this mask it's a quickie so you can leave it on for 2 minutes before taking it off gently with warm water.

Your skin will bounce back, and feel soothed against the air!

This was about the consistency of what it looks like before I give the oats a chance to thicken. However either consistency will do! This is a good mask for when you need to go to work, after a hard day of being ill and want to give some life back to your face!

The End!