Short Review 

The Lost Village

I watched this show on Crunchyroll and it was pretty worth it. This show reminds me of Another and Shiki! A ton of mystery and twists that keep you guessing. This show gives you suspense in the very first episode- throwing you in without any real context. I appreciate this show because it keeps me entertained to the very end! I highly recommend.


Warning: Gore

This is where I tell you about the most recent show I've seen!!!


                   Volume 5

As acition packed, heartwarming and gut busting this show is- volume 5 didn't seem worth my time. I felt like I had to drag through each episode and still ended up unsatisfied. Hopefully the next season will be better- however,

I really love this show in general~ Highly suggest





If you love twist endings

and a beautiful story line-

this show...

This show is the show for you!!

This is an older anime that

makes you want to

rewatch it over and over again.

I feel anyone can enjoy the show- try it out!

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